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It has always been our focus to produce furniture that is long lasting, that's why we take great care on selecting high quality materials for our products.

From our upholstery, which we make here in Cuckney, to our outdoor furniture, we work with high grade materials which will stand up to the rigours and demands of the domestic and commercial markets.

We have covered below, common points we are asked with regards to the materials we use.

Synthetic Weave
We work with the highest quality synthetic weaves possible.
This is an extremely strong, UV resistant material that can be left outside all year round, requiring only a little maintenance. An annual wash with soapy water or a jet wash will suffice. Please note, when we refer to the weave being peel, this is the broader flat weave, when we use the term core this is the strand type weave.

Outdoor Frames
The metal framework of our woven outdoor chairs is generally powder coated aluminium. We use a thicker gauge of aluminium than the standard domestic grade, for extra strength and durability.
We also use solid stainless steel on chairs like our Tripoli, and galvanised steel on items such as our Bistro sets.

Our wooden outdoor furniture is made from high grade plantation teak. This valuable timber has an extremely high oil content and is perfect for outdoor use. When teak is exposed to the elements, it will eventually turn to an attractive silver grey colour.
Outdoor teak can be very low maintenance, an annual jet wash or clean with wire wool and soapy water will keep your furniture in good condition.
Should you want to retain the original colour of the wood, products such as teak oil or a UV protection oil can help with this.

Natural Hardwood
In the main, our indoor wooden furniture is manufactured in Indonesia.
We use the term Natural hardwood (on lines such as Shoreditch chairs, Totem rails & Cross lamps) as a layman's term. The wood itself is called Meh wood, which is little heard of. We use this wood for it's strength, colouring and appearance. Meh wood can have large grain variations from light to dark, these are to be expected and are part of the look of the timber.

Both our natural hardwood and plantation teak are produced in Indonesia by manufacturers we have longstanding relationships with. Any timber exported from Indonesia needs to comply to strict FLEGT & EUTR regulations to ensure the legality of the timber.

Wood finishes
We offer a lot of our natural hardwood furniture with different treatments and stains for the wood. These provide a protective, stain resistant, microporous and breathable layer to the wood, with the exception of the earth stain which purely alters the colour of the wood.

Natural - Totally untreated hardwood.
Raw - Our most subtle treatment, adds a protective, breathable layer to the wood without altering the colour too much.
Protective Oil - Enriches the colour of the timber whilst providing a strong barrier against marking and staining.
Grey Stained Protective Oil - As above but adds a greying finish to the timber giving it a walnut like colouring.
Whitewash - A whitewash treatment which is then finished with a protective top layer.
Earth Stain - A very dark brown stain.

Should you have any other questions with regards our products, please just contact the office on: 01623 847030 or