Mode Corner Set Up

Versatility is the name of the game here! Functional and stylish, the modular nature of the Mode means it can be tailored to fit most rooms.
Mode has foam seat pads on a sprung base, fixed back & dark hardwood feet.

We have shown a typical Mode set up, which can be set up with a left or right bias, however the possibilities are endless.

The main components are single, double and corner units, then there are also the option of arms, footstool & sofa bed on the double unit.

Should you want to look at different combinations or just get some advice, just contact the office.

H72 W227 D155 S44cm
  • Mode set up - alternative
  • Mode corner set up - flipped
  • Mode - Single unit
  • Mode - double unit left arm
  • Mode - Corner unit
  • Mode - Single unit right arm
  • Mode - Single unit left arm
  • Mode - Single unit with 2 arms
  • Mode Footstool
  • Mode - Set up with Arms